12 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor

Ribbons, bells, miniature angels and candy canes are just some of the things we fill our house with every Christmas season. Most of us tend to over decorate every area of our home in order for us to feel happy and cozy during the festive period! How do you think a minimalist can pull off the season without having “too much” of what we traditionally do?

Here’s some ideas to inspire you!


Who told you that Christmas trees should be 6 ft. tall? It’s okay to break the cycle of having a tall Christmas tree every single year. Why not trying a baby pine tree in  a beautiful vase? You can also be creative and do some DIY with a bottle of champagne! Then add your normal sparkle and homemade ornaments!


Plain white walls won’t look too lonely this holiday season with these unique statement hangings!


Christmas wouldn’t feel like Christmas if there’s no baubles hanging around the room! Here are some quick picks to fit your minimal taste for the season.

Minimal design shouldn’t always be white and neutral. Don’t be afraid to put some popping colors of Christmas around and it will still look elegant.

Now let’s be specific about the living room. Why not try spicing it up with cozy red pillows and your favourite winter blanket? It doesn’t have to be much. Just enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy for the season. 

Despite me giving you some design inspiration here, never let yourself be consumed with the ‘perfection’ of the aesthetic. The experience and appreciation that you give during the festive period is much valuable than whatever your home looks like.

This season may your heart be filled with the things that truly matter. And let your gratitude speak abundance for you.

I’m so excited to greet you a Merry Christmas!

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How to Have a Simple & Stress Free Christmas

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