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I remember the day so vividly. I felt nothing – completely blank. I was so utterly fed up of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. I was stuck in this daily cycle of work, cleaning and a never-ending to-do list. There was so much to do and yet I didn’t feel like I was getting anything out of it.

I was so lost in my own head, I couldn’t see my family right in front of me giving me so much love and joy. I was in a pit of despair and I couldn’t see any way out. This particular day was the day I was planning on how to take my own life.

Despite this day being my darkest, a bolt of lightning appeared right after that moment and I truly believe it was for a reason. I struggle with my mental health and have had suicidal thoughts a lot in my life, but nothing quite like this – I was planning it very matter of a fact like I knew it had to be done. That shocked me. Then just at that moment, I heard the word that would change everything.


That word is so simple but it encompassed so much to me. It told me that there was a way out of this. I was so lost in my own mind I was distracting myself from saving myself – I just needed to slow down and allow myself to heal by making sure these distractions were no longer there.

I researched, I experimented and found a way to rid my life of anything that did not need to be there.

I decluttered my possessions, my relationships, my commitments – my WHOLE life – and guess what?

My life becomes MORE the moment I focused on LESS.

Now I am a happy woman, a happy wife, a happy mammy and most importantly I am living a life I am proud to have.

That is what I want for you.

I knew I could find Simple Joy again – and you can to. 

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Get To Know Hayley

Favorite Travel Spot:   Tropea, Italy

Can’t Live Without:   My Girls

Must Have Accessory:   My Fluffy Scarf

Best Advice:   You’ve got this

Describe yourself in one Word:   Fun

Secret Talent:   Organising

"When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world." ECKHART TOLLE

Let’s slow down and simplify your hectic life – from decluttering your home, reducing your to-dos, to focusing your day to day lifestyle on your key values. My mission is to help you live a more time rich and joyful life!

I know you live in a beautiful home, have a successful job and a loving family, BUT you are TIRED. Tired of running from one thing to the next and trying to complete a never ending to do list. Life feels like Groundhog day. The same thing over and over again…..

You need someone who can help you to start living a simpler, more joyful life where you are more time and energy rich! You will finally be able to spend quality time with your loved ones, take care of yourself and find your zest for life again!

Simple living with a young family in this over connected world is not impossible and I can show you how.

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