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Rediscover Joy Through Smart Simple Living

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Your Invitation to Slow Down

Simple Joy was founded by me Hayley Forster, a Simple Living Mentor and Founder of the Intentional Lifestyle Detox. I help overwhelmed women to slow down and simplify your hectic life in a manageable way – from decluttering your home, reducing your to-dos, to focusing your day to day lifestyle on your key values. My mission is to help you live a more time rich and joyful life. Are you ready to regain control & save yourself from the chaos?

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Hayley is a life saver! She is extremely patient and understanding. We worked on several areas of the home and now I have systems in place that keep me organised. It has been 8 months since we worked together and everything is still in its place!
Before we began, I was a bit anxious at facing what was a mammoth task in my head, and weirdly a bit nervous. Within 5 minutes I felt totally relaxed and keen to get started, guided by Hayley, I quickly realised I had formed attachments to so many things I really needed to let go of. We chose one area to focus on and three hours later, we had created a calm, organised area which changed the dynamic in the whole room from walking in through the door. The morning felt quite draining, I suppose from the detachment of belongings.


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