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How to Practice Self Love: Random Acts of Self-Kindness.

how to practice self love

Being kind to others can boost your body’s feel good chemical serotonin and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone – all of which is great for your health. But guess what? Turning some of that compassion onto yourself can have exactly the same benefits. So why not try being nice to yourself for a change? Do you know how to practice self love?

Here is some inspiration for random acts of self-love to get you going!


Treat Yourself

Light that scented candle you have been saving for a special occasion or buy a bunch of flowers for your front room, for no other reason than you want them. Tell yourself “you are worth it” – this will all boost your self-esteem!

Don’t give yourself a hard time

Next time something goes wrong, or you feel like you have made a mistake, don’t give yourself a hard time. Instead, look at the situation objectively and see if there is anything you can learn from it. Take that learning and move on.

Cook a meal for one

Cook something that YOU want to eat for dinner. Maybe it is something the rest of the family don’t like or you haven’t had in a very long time. Lay the table, light a candle and enjoy every mouthful.

how to practice self love

Take regular breaks

In Sweden, they take regular work breaks during the day for 15 minutes. In fact, workers in Sweden are among the least stressed in the world! So why not commit to yourself that you will take regular micro-breaks throughout your day to give yourself some down time


If you find yourself with some down time – instead of doing some housework or watching TV. Why not get out of the house and explore, check out Trip Advisor and go to a local museum or a local park you have not visited yet? You will get some inspired and relaxing time out which will do you wonders!

Start enjoying fitness

Exercise is a great way of being kind to yourself, giving you benefits not only for your body but your mind too. But if you are not enjoying your workout try switching it for something more fun! Try hula hooping, a dance class or even a walking group to make it more social?

Write a ‘not to do’ list

Create a list of things you really no longer want to do. It may include no longer meeting up with people who don’t make you feel good, attending gatherings that you don’t enjoy, working through your lunchbreak or buying lunch from the work canteen.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to think about how you can be a little kinder to yourself every day.

It is not about being selfish. It is about considering your own needs and making yourself happier which in turn leaves you in a better position to take care of others.

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