9 Ways to Unwind and De-stress During the Workday

stress reduction techniques at work
stress reduction techniques at work

Working from 9 to 5 can be strenuous. It is even possible to get into a work slump whereby you feel demotivated to get anything done. If you’re going through such a phase, rest assured that you’re not alone. Everyone endures stress at work at one point or another. Here is a guide on some stress reduction techniques at work.

stress reduction techniques at work

Take Breaks

A 5-10 minutes break within your work schedule is enough to help you rest your mind for the next task. During the break, you can search for some funny clips on YouTube to distract you from work. Yes, laugh your head off because it is the best way to release tension.


A simple stretch can go a long way in helping you de-stress. Every hour, make sure to stretch your muscles. If your workplace has a standing desk, use it occasionally to help your muscles relax from sitting all day long. You can even stretch as you walk to the bathroom.

stress reduction techniques at work

Interact with Colleagues Over Short Breaks

During your tea break, you can socialise with your colleagues. The talks can be about anything other than work. Crack jokes and laugh with others. It will not only build strong relationships between you and other employees, but it will also distract you from your stressful job. Once, you embark on your tasks; you will feel more rejuvenated to push through the many meetings and tasks at work.

Another way you can socialize with colleagues is playing game together. For example, playing tic tac toe can help you unwind after a stress presentation or just before a meeting with an important client. At the end of the game, the players will leave feeling energised to handle the rest of the day.

Breathe in and out

Taking deep breaths has been proven to help with stress relief in the workplace. The best thing about the breathing technique is that you can do it from anywhere. Breathing helps release built-in tension. All you need to do is to breathe in deeply and make a count of 1 to 3, then you can breathe out. Repeat the process of breathing in and out until you feel better.

Take a Walk

Walking away from the building where you work for about five minutes can significantly help you unwind. Nature is a therapy second to none. You will be surprised at just how much good the walk can do to help you get back to work feeling energised. If you have scheduled a meeting with a client, you don’t have to hold it in the conference room when you already have a work slump. Ask them to walk around with you as you discuss your business. The fresh air would work well for both of you.

Get Away from the Computer Screen

If you already feel unmotivated and overwhelmed, you don’t have to remain glued to the computer screen while in reality, you are doing nothing. Take some time to just think about why you need the job as well as what is stressing you. Also, think about how you can improve the situation. A good way to carry out this practice is by writing down the points in a small notebook. If it is your family at home motivating you, think about them and how the money you earn helps sustain their needs. Once you have established solid reasons, and then be sure that you will have gained your motivation to keep pushing on.

stress reduction techniques at work

Listen to Music

If your workplace doesn’t have policies against music within the office, then use it to your advantage. It is advisable to use headphones so that you don’t distract your colleagues.

Listen to your favourite songs as you work. The music will make you forget that you were stressed in the first place.

Go for Yoga or Gym Sessions

Most firms have yoga and gym sessions for employees during workdays, and they typically last for between 15 to 30 minutes. Exercise helps to release any tension. Yoga, on the other hand, helps you meditate and think about what is stressing you as well as ways of handling the situation. Join either the yoga or gym sessions and use them to clear off your mind from the overwhelming situation at your office.

The workplace is not always smooth; there are ups and downs. There are those days that nothing seems to work. You can try some stress relieving techniques during the workday to help you get to the end of the day. For instance, you can stretch, breathe deeply, walk around, interact with colleagues, listen to music, and meditate by writingdown notes. You can also enjoy playing a board game with a friend or attend yoga classes.

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