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Tips for Decluttering and Organising your Kitchen

Tips for Decluttering and Organising your Kitchen

Let’s dive into our top tips for decluttering and organising your kitchen! Having a clean and clutter-free kitchen can make your home look and feel great, which in turn can make you feel fabulous! As we are coming up to the festive season, it is a great time of year to have a sort through our kitchens before the craziness starts.

For many of us, keeping the kitchen free of clutter and nicely organised can be virtually impossible. It’s the one place in your home where you will pull things out of cupboards on a daily basis and have surfaces covered in useful appliances. If you are like me, you will also use the kitchen as the main hub of your house and there will be letters and kids homework scattered over the kitchen table.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few simple tips you’ll be able to transform the way you organise your kitchen and create a beautifully ordered space. With two kids, two dogs, a cat and a messy husband, my clean kitchen doesn’t last for long! But what makes it so much easier to handle is that it is nicely organised and has minimal clutter, which makes the cleaning and tidying so much quicker. If you want to check out more benefits to a clutter free and organised home and self, check out this post here. 

TIP 1: Think about how you use your kitchen

The kitchen is a very practical space where there is heavy footfall. You will be making meals, doing homework, preparing packed lunches….! You’ll be in there a lot doing multiple tasks, so you will want your kitchen tools and general organisation to fit in with how you work.

Have a look around your kitchen now.

Do you have bulky appliances out on the kitchen counters that rarely get used?

Do you have to go on a hike every time you need to make a cup of tea as the teabags, spoon and mugs are scattered across your room away from your kettle?

Tips for Decluttering and Organising your Kitchen

Think about what you use the most and rearrange your kitchen around your most frequent activities. For instance:

· put the pans near the cooker

· store the cups near the kettle and coffee.

· anything that isn’t used at least once every few days should be stored away inside cupboards and pulled out as and when.

· items used infrequently go at the back of the cupboards or upon high shelves.

· I keep plates, glasses and cutlery near the dishwasher as these are washed more often than other items, so it makes it easier to put them away

· Store washing powder next to the washing machine.

You get the idea!

TIP 2. Eliminate Multiples

As you re-arrange your kitchen, take advantage of everything being ‘free’ and do a quick audit of your belongings. If you regularly cook for four but you have 53 forks and 27 plates, then I think it might be time for a cull! After all, these excessive amount of items take up valuable space in your kitchen. All you really need is enough for your daily meals with a few spares for visitors. You can keep any extras stored away in a box somewhere else so, if you do have a party, you won’t be caught out.

Other things you can get either recycle or donate depending on the item:

· Unused gadgets/ utensils

· Broken items

· Out of date food

· Decorations and nic-nacs that no longer fit your décor or are excessive

TIP 3. Take the opportunity to clean!

Whilst clearing your cupboards, drawers and shelves, give them a good wipe and clean down – a great opportunity for a deep clean.

TIP 4. Keep your food organised

Neatly arranging your food will not only help keep your kitchen tidy, it will also help to reduce food waste. By organising your cupboards in a way that lets you easily see what’s actually in there, you won’t make the mistake of buying the same thing multiple times!

Other tips:

· Put ingredients/food that is not used as often toward the back of the cupboards, keeping the front for your frequently used items.

· Make sure everything is sealed and labelled (preferably in Tupperware) after opening to prevent spillage.

· Place new items behind the older items, when you unpack the groceries.

So there you have it!

It doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. Start with one cupboard at first and work your way around. If you need some more organisational tips, check out this post. 

Once you have got your kitchen organised, clean and tidy you will find it much easier to maintain it with minimal effort – and you will be pleased you took that first step!

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