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12 Ways To Practice Minimalism This Christmas

Practice Minimalism This Christmas

Being mindful about minimalism and simplifying can sometimes become a little overwhelming in the early days. If taken to extremes you can feel as though you are being suppressed and deprived, which can become very stressful - more than we can imagine. How can we go about it in a healthy way in the festive season?

Christmas can get a little overwhelming at times with things to organise and events to attend. In order to have a merry (not stressful) holiday we need to intentionally practice minimalism – the right way.

First, let’s look at the reasons why we should consider having a minimal Christmas!

  • To prevent adding more clutter in to our homes and lives.
  • To save money and become a more mindful spender – limiting the frivolous spending. 
  • To focus on what’s truly meaningful to you, rather than being distracted by things that are not. 

You have to admit – this sounds very appealing right?

Top Tips for Practicing Minimalism this Christmas:


Efficient Planning

Efficiency is the most neglected adjective that we could use when planning. Our thoughts can get a little messy thinking and thinking and thinking, which saps our energy and leads us to overthinking. Both of which lessens our productiveness to get things done!

Our mind is a powerful thing and can think fast like a machine gun – but because of that it needs to be handled properly.

Try listing and categorising to put your thoughts in order – it is the most effective approach to start planning. You could even use mind-mapping and sort things out like a cobweb to get you going!

*insert mind-map photo*

Simplify Budgeting

Yes, it can get a little difficult to deal with money, but you know, budgeting shouldn’t need to be complicated! Release all the tension that you have got concerning money, and start to declutter your finances. Write down all the expenses that you have to pay out regularly + the ones that are needed for the holidays.

I would like to emphasise the word “needed”. Not all the things you listed down are all gonna be needed. Never forget to review your list!

Savings Plan

Savings and budgeting shouldn’t be mistaken as one. Though they are all about preparation for the upcoming expenses – savings should be treated with high importance. The most common stress causing situation we face is being in debt.

Yes I know…. it feels good that everything will be sustained and everybody will be happily satisfied at Christmas time. But we sometimes connect this with spending money we don’t have. What I mean by that is a maxed out credit card. Does this sound familiar?

If this happens, consider how you will feel after the holidays? So, free yourself from debt, budget well, and prepare for the upcoming expenses. 

Practice Minimalism This Christmas

Lessen Decorations 

Lights, garlands in 3 colors, trees in every corner, cozy blankets, and candles in every table. Wow, should Christmas always be this extravagant? How about visualizing it with clarity, peaceful on the eyes, and less clutter? For sure Christmas can be pure and clean. Just think how much more relaxing it could be!

Intentional Gift Giving

The joy of receiving something and being able to show love & generosity to others…. Yes, that is the smell of Christmas. But how about practicing minimalism by being intentional with what we give and what we are about to receive? Isn’t it much more pleasurable to receive a round-trip ticket, free-pass, annual subscription, or a discount card to your favourite place?

Before you even say “hi” to Christmas Eve don’t hesitate to tell your loved ones that you are now trying to practice minimalism at Christmas. Explain you are trying to prevent clutter and you are now mindfully practicing sustainability and the art of having less. 

Mindful Gift Wrapping

Have you ever asked yourself how much wrapping paper is thrown away every Christmas? Hmm.. how about trying to use reusable bags instead of paper? Or e-cards instead of Christmas cards? Or no cards at all? Try whatever works best for you. Less clutter the better. You could even try and go zero-waste if you wanted to!

Simplify Food

How many snacks and nibbles do you bring into the house for Christmas Day? Best way to keep things simple is to bake and organise buffet food with loved ones. Surely it will be much more mindful and healthier that way?

Do Less

Christmas has a connotation of busyness and long days – which is a shame. Why not let us all debunk the idea of stress and let’s start to rewire our mindset. Having things organised and pre-planned can make things a lot more easier. Also, consider delegating tasks to the people around you – you don’t need to have it all on your shoulders!

Digital Detox

Part of minimalism practice is to be conscious not just what we consume physically but also, mentally and emotionally. Christmas is the season of love and freedom. Don’t let anything take that away from you. Focus on mindful social interaction and spending quality time with loved ones.

Don’t Go Overboard With Traditions

We don’t need too much of family rituals and routines. Our goal is to intentionally engage with our loved ones and not let traditions control you. Don’t just do them because you think you should – do them because you love them and they mean something to your family.   

Don’t Compare

Friends will definitely come over before Christmas and tell you about their fancy plans. Affirm your goals to yourself and never let comparison get in the way of your plans. Be proud of your decisions and remember you do not have to be like everybody else. Embrace your nature.

And lastly,

Go Back To Your Why

Our goal is more than just decluttering and simplifying. But to embrace the true meaning of Christmas and be mindfully present to every single moment. Remember that a minimal and simple Christmas doesn’t mean less spirit of Christmas. True joy can only be found on things that are unseen!

Have a great holidays!

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