The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving


Finding and buying gifts for our loved ones is supposed to bring us more joy than receiving them – so why does it seem so stressful and headache inducing? We put so much pressure on ourselves to buy the right present. Will they like it? Will they use it? Does this show them how much they mean to me? A lot of people still get caught up in the thought that the value of the present is what shows you care. However, when your recipient realises that you have thought about the gift, the pleasure and appreciation is priceless. So how do we know how to buy the perfect gift?

1. Go straight for the heart.

Sentimental gifts are always a winner. By going down this route, you are showing them that you are seeing them as an individual and who doesn’t want that personalised service? There is a fear with a lot of people, that they may see them as boring, so we then add ‘filler’ gifts. However, researchers have found that this actually devalues the impact of the gift you are giving as a main present. You must resist!

Some ideas: A photo album of all your favourite memories with your friend or a photo frame with a picture in your child has drawn to your parents.


2. Gift them an experience.

Experience days are a great way to create memories, and what better gift is that? Sometimes it can be difficult to make these gifts look presentable, especially if it is an email confirmation! Print it out, put it in a nice box, decorate it and make it look special. Studies have shown that the presentation of the gift is super important (yes, I know….)

Some ideas: A spa day, a glamping weekend or even a helicopter ride for those adrenaline junkies! Understand what they are interested in and start there. Maybe you will find out there is something they have always wanted to do and never got around to it!

3. A gift with a recommendation

According to research, recipients who receive a gift that you have also tried yourself is a huge bonus! It shows that you clearly rate it and helps them feel closer to you. You are creating a shared experience and acknowledging the things you have in common with them. You are giving them a bit of yourself.

Some ideas: A beauty product you rely on, a wonderful book you have read that has made an impact or a bottle of wine you have found that is delicious.

4. Buy them what they want.

Receiving a gift that is something that has been requested can actually be more thoughtful than something unsolicited. So do not dismiss the items your partner suggests to you, based on the fact it wouldn’t be a surprise. Giving someone exactly what they want – who wouldn’t want that?

5. Think beyond the paper ripping moment.

It is very exciting to see someone open their gift and see their expression as they open it but we must try to see past that. That is a very short lived ‘wow’ factor and we want a gift that provides value over time. If you can get both in one gift – even better! You could even make it more personal by including a little note with the gift for the reason you bought it.

Some ideas: cosy bed socks to wear while relaxing on an evening or bath fizzers to use for a home spa experience.

What has been the most thoughtful gift you have received?

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