How to create a morning routine to kick start your day!

morning routine

Hey there! Do you enjoy mornings?

Like it or not, every day has a morning and every morning we need to get out of bed. I was never a fan of forcing myself out of my cosy, warm cocoon and would try to delay it as much as possible.

I was only delaying the inevitable.

My morning would then consist of running around like a headless chicken, quickly brushing my hair and teeth and running out of the house feeling drained, exhausted and grumpy.

Not a great start to the day I think you will agree!

However it may sound familiar, as this is a very common practice! If it does, continue reading as I am going to share some tips with you on how to start your morning without having a negative impact on the rest of your day.

Prepare the night before

Give yourself a helping hand the night before, take 20 minutes and prepare things you will need for the next morning, such as:

morning routine

1. Clothes

How many times do you end up rooting around the wardrobe, drawers and even the floor for suitable clothes to wear for the day? Take that stress away from the morning and select your clothes with no time pressure the night before and leave them out so you can put them straight on when you are ready in the morning.

2. Food

Prepare your lunch to just pick straight out of the fridge before you leave. If you don’t do it the night before you will more than likely select easy items which may not necessarily be the healthiest. Take time to select and prepare a nutritious lunch and snacks for throughout your day. Why not think ahead and select a meal to have for dinner? Either ensure you have the right ingredients to throw into a pot/oven when you return or remove pre-made meals from the freezer to defrost. Voila!


3. Sleep

Ensure you set yourself up for a full and peaceful nights sleep (child dependent!) Try staying away from technology for an hour before laying your head down. No TV, tablets, phones, social media. Yikes! Scary thought isn’t it? I promise you will fall asleep much quicker and deeper by doing this.

4. Wake up earlier

Yes you heard me right! I know you may not want to hear this but this is an important factor. Even if you wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal it will have a significant impact to your day. You may think that by waking up earlier you will be more tired when you hit the 2pm coffee break, however you will most likely not even notice a difference. In fact, you may even feel more energetic and balanced with your slower start to the day! It should be easier to rise earlier if you try the zero tech advice above too.

morning routine

5. Drink

After a full nights sleep your body will be very dehydrated. As soon as you wake, try to drink a full glass of tepid water to kick start your system. Perhaps a squeeze of lemon juice too for an immune system boost!

6. Meditate

A great way to ease into the morning is by taking 10 minutes to meditate. My favourite meditation app to use is Headspace. One you are through the first exercise you have so many different themes and topics to choose from ranging from sport performance to anxiety reduction. Some people are scared to try meditation and it is tricky to get into but it provides a wonderfully gentle start to your day that sets you off on the right foot immediately. Give it a go!

7. Journal

I am a huge fan of journaling! Have you tried it? I urge you to give it a go. I used to write on an evening or whenever I got an urge. Then I started to try and do it after a morning meditation and it made me feel so good! Just write down anything that comes to mind. It may be any worries you have for the day, anything that you are looking forward to or even things you may need to remember to do. Just freestyle it and see what comes out on paper. It is a great way of decluttering your mind so you start off with a fresh head.

morning routine

8. Movement

Now I will leave this down to you… some people love to get up and do a full aerobic exercise in the morning and some prefer a gentle stretching/yoga session. I am not here to tell you which one to do but some form of movement, even taking the dog for a walk, is required to get your blood pumping, head clear and body feeling refreshed. Mix it up depending on your mood or weather – this keeps it more exciting!

9. Shower

Taking some time for a quick shower to refresh yourself and relax before your commute is very beneficial. Try not to rush, take your time and enjoy it. I like to have a nice warm shower to wash myself and then turn to cold to rinse my body – this is a great kickstarter to the system! Then ensure you take the time to moisturise and take care of your skin and hair. Enjoy the quiet pamper time.

morning routine


10. Breakfast

As tempting as it is, try not to skip your breakfast. Variety and nutrition are key here! The variety will keep you keen and excited to eat something different and the nutrition will give you a sustained energy boost for the morning ahead. I love smoked salmon and scrambled egg in the morning. Easy to prepare and fills me up until lunchtime!



11. Avoid tech

Same as the night before, try not to get sucked into the technology vortex… time moves at a very different rate and before you know it you will be an hour late for work! Try not to turn the TV on, check your social media or emails. Leave your work emails for when you turn on your work computer and try to leave your personal checks till lunchtime or a break time so it does not interfere with the flow of your day.

So there you have it! 11 tips to help you start your day in the right fashion. Why not give these a go? Even try taking one or two, notice the difference and think about the impact it has on your day. Find your own morning routine that works for you!

Even if you have children this is possible. Just wake that little bit earlier before the kids wake up, so you can have your alone time to allow yourself to ease into the day. Whatever you do, don’t get frustrated if the kids wake up early and you don’t manage to do your full routine. Just go with the flow, do what you can and try again tomorrow. You can only do your best.

Let me know what works for you or if you have any additional hints or tips!

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  • Laura
    February 22, 2017

    Very helpful tips! Thank you!

    • SimpleAdmin
      February 28, 2017

      My pleasure Laura! So pleased you found some useful points!

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