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The Time for Change is Now!


September is an ideal time to start afresh: the kids go back to school, summer is coming to an end and it brings the anticipation of renewed energy! Early Autumn is the ideal time to set objectives and adopt new habits.
So here is some motivation to kickstart an all improved you and set yourself up for success!

My children are returning to school tomorrow and to mark the occasion I wanted to share a 4 part series on how to get ahead of the game & focus on some new goals this September. Who needs to wait for January?? So today’s topic is…..

Learn something new & exciting!

Why should our kids have all the fun? Taking on new challenges and meeting new people helps boost our confidence and gives us fresh motivation. September brings us a wealth of adult learning classes and courses – so why not explore and see what takes your fancy?



Don’t just choose a course because your friend is and she’s asked you to go along. Pick something that you have intrigue for, something that you have wondered about for a while and not had the guts to go yet. Have you ever tried Spanish cooking? How about finally working out how to Photoshop your digital scenic photos from your summer holiday 5 years ago?


When you try something new, you wont always get it right first time. Be prepared for this. Accept that you may make mistakes – but that is part of the learning experience! Don’t give up. Try putting some sticky notes with inspiring quotes next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror for a motivational boost.


Many people drop out of their classes as their enthusiasm drops – but GET GUTSY and persevere. Success doesn’t come from natural talent. What is just as much as important (if not more) is a blend of passion and grit. You will take a while before you get comfortable with what you are learning. Find that self discipline and stick with it. You can do it!

So, what would you like to learn? Let me know in the comments!

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