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September is an ideal time to start afresh: the kids go back to school, summer is coming to an end and it brings the anticipation of renewed energy! Early Autumn is the ideal time to set objectives and adopt new habits.
So here is some motivation to kickstart an all improved you and set yourself up for success!

My children returned to school on Wednesday and to mark the occasion I wanted to share a 4 part series on how to get ahead of the game & focus on some new goals this September. Who needs to wait for January?? So here is our last topic…..

Family Budgetting!

One in seven of us suffers sleepless nights worrying about finances, which then leads to poor physical and mental health if prolonged. Lets make September the month you finally get on top of your spending habits!






For the full month try tracking your spending – from a pack of chewing gum up to your weekly grocery shop. This will really highlight to you where your money goes and potential areas to cut back on. For example, spending Β£5 on coffee a week costs Β£260 a year. This process will naturally make you more aware of your bad habits. I love using Good Budget to track. I can update it on my desktop, my phone and also share it with my husband to allow full family tracking.


Make yourself a pretty jar or fancy pot and label it with your target (e.g Florida Fund). It is a good idea to add photos of what your target is, to inspire you. Keep adding to the jar whenever you get some change or you find some cash loitering around the house. It will soon add up! You could even keep a tracking chart, get the family involved and make it a competition!


Now what I mean by this is to consider your savings account just as important as paying your bills. Create a standing order for a set amount each month, to go into your account when you get paid. It can be as big or as small as you like! Then at the end of the month, see what you have left and put that in as well. You will surprise yourself on how much you can gain. If you are struggling, go back to step one and see what can be cut back.


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In order for you to successfully succeed in any of your chosen goals or if you are unsure which to focus on, download our workbook which gives you advice on how to do just that!

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