How to have a simple & stress free Christmas

How to have a simple & stress free christmas!

An email course designed to help you focus on staying calm and centered this festive season, amidst all of the planning and preparation.

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No matter where you go at this time of year, you cannot get away from the busyness – shopping, school activities, Christmas parties and so much more. Every year it seems to get busier and busier, doesn’t it?

For years, I have looked for the magic of Christmas in all the wrong places. The beautiful decorations, the huge pile of presents and the never-ending Christmas parties. That was until last year, when I intentionally slowed down. It was then that I found the Christmas Joy – not where I had been looking for so long but in those small still moments in between the busyness.

By joining me on this course, I will support you to find your own joy in this busy festive season – after all – you deserve it!

Over 10 days, you’ll receive an email containing a video and a small challenge to cover the simple lesson of the day.

Together we will craft your best Christmas yet! I will show you how to be stress free and in perfect festive control!



What will you learn?

What are they saying?

100% of all students would recommend this course to a friend!

"The Simple Joy Christmas e-course does just that...reminds you to slow down and enjoy the simple beauty of Christmas. In a busy culture, it's easy to get to the end of the holiday season and feel winded, but this course will remind you to take a deep breath and simply enjoy!"
Rebecca Wolford
"This course was such a great reminder of what the holidays are all about. I remember Christmas of my childhood: the traditions were simple but the memories were magical. When I look back on Christmas I want to remember the people and the time spent together, not the stress. Simple Joy’s e-course gave me practical tips and helpful resources. Now I’m excited for Christmas (except the cold, I’m never excited about the cold)."
Amanda DeCesaro
"This is a beautifully laid out program. Easy to understand and a lot of fun. It lays everything out that you need to do to have a simple Christmas with lots of joy."
Jennifer Saunders
"Taking this course helped me see the small light that shines within my heart! I just love Christmas and appreciate the meaning of it !!! Going step by step, will lead you to enjoy this joyful but also stressful period of Christmas and make it special in more ways than you can imagine!! Inspiring and resourceful, thank you so much for the opportunity, Hayley!!! I'm already in a Christmas mood!"
Elena Karamouslis
"A great course for those who need a helping hand in planning and organizing the crazy holiday time!"
"The holidays are always so busy, why can't we just slow down. This course helped me to prioritize and organize so that I could experience the simple joys of Christmas, instead of just thinking of the next to-do."
"The holidays can be quite stressful. This course will help people be more intentional about the meaning of the holidays and mindful of their actions so they can really enjoy such a precious moment with their loved ones."

Ready to join the fun?

For just £19!!!! you’ll receive 10 lessons tackling the biggest barriers to a peaceful festive season. Each day, we’ll cover a topic that is relevant to your journey.

You will receive:

  • A daily 2-4 minute video

  • Printable workbooks with checklists, top tips and questions for you to understand what is important and what is not for your family

  • Editable planners and calendars

  • An inspirational printable

My wish is that you will finish this course feeling organised, stress free and ready to enjoy Christmas with your loved ones. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

I look forward to seeing you in the course!