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5 Ways to be Intentional with your Time


Procrastination is the most common cause of failure.

The clock is ticking but you are still stuck in a rut. The time you waste cannot be regained. How can you resolve this?


Being intentional with your time means total commitment on accomplishing your tasks and focusing on them.

If you’re fond of multi-tasking this may sound a little boring and scary. But if you want to be efficiently & effectively productive, you have to stand firm and be mindful with your intentions every minute of the day.

Here are some ways to be intentional with your time:

  • Listing Tasks

This is a form of a brain dump that prevents us from becoming overwhelmed with tasks. It helps us see the overview of everything we want to do. We can then sort through which are important and urgent. It makes our intentions clear and makes us feel good striking through it.

  • Scheduling Everything  

Nobody wants to be running around like a crazy animal not focusing on the right things. Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you have accomplished a lot but nothing at all?

Time block your day and set time frames for when you are going to do the most important tasks. You will immediately become much more effective and efficient. 

  • Prioritize the Hardest Task

Our focus and determination is at its peak during the morning. Try and do the most important, hardest or perhaps daunting task first, before any others. This is to make sure that we make use of our peak energy levels. 

  • Be aware by Tracking Regularly

The momentum of work is one of the most important ingredients to being more intentional with your time.

As you track your workflow it reduces the possibility of you failing on the upcoming projects. This is beacuse monitoring pushes your determination to make sure you do better than you did last time.

  • Learn to say No

As negative as it may sound, the word “no” isn’t always bad. Sometimes there’s something good about it. You may receive peer pressure from your friends insisting you say yes to social engagements. However, always consider what is important to you and your goals. Being sure what you want to do, by when and why, is a valuable trait of someone who lives intentionally.

Action based living is what being intentional is about. Being intentional with your time is not a one time act. It takes practice as you progress towards your goal of having a mindful habit.

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