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Simple Joy Roundup: Minimalism


I know how hard weekdays can be. That’s why I want you to grab your favorite coffee, sit back and relax. We got everything covered for you - I promise - you’ll never miss anything that happened this week. Here are the updates you wanna check out:


Auckland Couple Gets Rid of 900 Items in 30 Days <<Read More>>

On a serious note, getting rid of hard earned stuff can be really painful. Just imagine holding your favorite dress to be donated for a garage sale. It takes years to really convince yourself to do so. If you’re into minimalism and have tried it for the first time you will definitely admire this beautiful couple who slayed almost a thousand items in just a month!

How A Trip To Japan Turned Me Into A Lifelong Minimalist <<Read more>>

Are you somewhat struggling to embrace a new lifestyle? Monica Parikh shared her awesome, transformative travel to Japan. She said that it is the trip that forever changed how she thinks about love, kindness, and the value of living with less.

Everybody has their own story to tell..

But what is that one thing you could share to anyone that can bring value to others? Read Simple Joys’ story on finding value on living with less.


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning 

by Margareta Magnusson

She caught our attention with a terrifying and thought provoking title. As sad as it may seem, her book teaches us to be responsible with our own clutter. Swedish Death Cleaning is ain’t like any Marie Kondos’ decluttering principle. Though it is somewhat on the same page, Margareta dig deep to death, realization and what should actually matter.


Gisele Bündchen one of the highest-paid models applies “KonMari” principle to her whole life.  Check out the update about her Inspiring lifestyle.


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