Questions to ask yourself when decluttering

When you start decluttering, deciding what to let go can be overwhelming! Here is a collection of questions to help you determine the fate of your items. A common thought when decluttering is ‘I don’t want to waste money by throwing this out!’ Think of it this way: you wasted money when you bought an item[…]

decluttering mistakes

Decluttering mistakes to avoid!

Today instead of giving you additional organising and decluttering tips and strategies, I thought it be helpful to tell you the most common decluttering mistakes and how to avoid them! it’s all about what not to do! This blog has LOTS of articles about decluttering. There’s a 30 day free challenge, and even an eBook that dives into the[…]

clean as you go

The ‘Clean-as-You-Go’ Principle

I’m not obsessive about neatness at all, but I have learned ways of keeping my house neat and clean in a simple, stress-free way. It is called the “Clean-as-You-Go Principle.” A very basic principle! The basic idea is that, instead of waiting for the house to get really dirty and then having to spend a[…]


Stress & Infertility – it’s a two-way thing!

Reducing stress is proven to increase your chances of conceiving. Read more for tips on how to do just that! With 1 in 6 couples struggling with infertility, it’s unfortunately a very common issue. We’re still fairly private about making babies so it’s not something we often talk about, but something we really should! Infertility[…]

the one thing

The One Thing to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

I’m not going to tell you to push more, do more, plan more, schedule more. Willpower more. Nope. Not even close. And the answer isn’t to buy one more planner either for all my planner addicts. (Takes one to know one.) My One Thing isn’t even to hire a coach. I used to be one[…]