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Together with Yorkshires leading Professional Organiser, A Tidy Mind, we have created an inspiring workshop for your professional learning needs. Modern life is full of distractions and it’s more essential than ever that we actively create focus and manage our time effectively. By learning to focus on less, we often produce more and who doesn’t want to be their most productive self? Working at optimum productivity means greater job satisfaction and a better work/life balance!

Did you know we also offer Group Workshops? Keep an eye out for dates on this page! Get in touch to find out if we are doing a one near you soon!.

Why is health & wellbeing such a concern in the workplace?

Work-related stress, depression or anxiety continues to represent a significant ill health condition in the workforce of Great Britain, accounting for 40% of work-related ill health and 49% of working days lost, in 2016/17. The occupations and industries reporting the highest rates of work-related stress, depression or anxiety remain consistently in the health and public sectors of the economy. The reasons cited as causes of work-related stress are also consistent over time with workload, lack of managerial support and organisational change as the primary causative factors.

  • 526,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2016/17
  • 12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17. This equates to an average of 23.8 days lost per case.
  • In 2016/17 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 40% of all work-related ill health cases and 49% of all working days lost due to ill health.

How do i know if this is for my organisation?

Would you love to be able to offer a service to your team that not only helps improve their health and wellbeing but also increases their efficiency and happiness during their working day?

Then these workshops are for you!

We can offer our services in your office, during corporate off sites or special events. We offer a full day package. 

What topics do you cover?

We offer an exclusive Corporate Package that combines decluttering, organisation and productivity to help your business look after its most important asset – your people.

Supercharge Your Day

Who doesn’t want to be their most productive self? Working at optimum productivity means greater job satisfaction and a better work/life balance. Develop a personal action plan for creating a calmer mind and more satisfying work life!

Digital Organisation Made Easy

Learn the secrets to making your digital information more manageable. (how to manage email, how to organise and retrieve important documents, how to streamline)

Planning For Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of the daily grind? Clarify priorities and how to focus so you can get more done in less time and create balance.

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Why Work With Us

“I founded Simple Joy in 2017 after decluttering my own home and realising the profound impact it had on my life. I inspire individuals to slow down their hectic lives and simplify every area in an ultimate lifestyle detox. From decluttering your home, eliminating your negative thoughts to focusing your day to day lifestyle on your key values, I will show you how. My mission is to help you regain control, and live a more balanced and intentional life.

A simple and intentional life is something I am incredibly passionate about and I believe the world needs to put the brakes on and live freely! In order to pursue this passion I left my Corporate job as a Fragrance Designer to become a Professional Organiser & Stress Management Coach. Every day I now coach and assist others in finding their ideal lifestyle which in turn – is my ideal lifestyle!

My previous experience is spending 13 years in the Corporate world as a Senior R&D Manager and Team Leader. I am all too familiar with the expectations, workload and stress put on employees in the workplace setting and I am passionate in coaching people on how to overcome these challenges and thrive!”

a tidy mind

“I LOVE my job as the owner of A Tidy Mind . I help people simplify their lives and create order in their homes, in order to achieve the end goal of a calm, functional home and a relaxed, focused energised mind. I’ve always believed that the home is our baseline. It’s where we should be able to fully relax. It reflects what is unique and important about us and can be a representation of the best version of ourselves. A disordered home can cause much emotional turmoil but tackling it is a powerful tool to improve every aspect of life. A tidy home means lower stress levels, increased contentment, enhanced mindfulness, health and weight management, improved relationships, financial freedom and greater productivity!

I had a light bulb moment three years ago when I found out professional organising was really ‘a thing’. Finally, I could combine my background in psychology and social work with the pure joy I get from tidying out a garage! People sometimes worry that I’ll judge them or be shocked but nearly 200 clients later, I never have been. The truth is, I’m in my absolute element when I get into the nitty gritty of the inner workings of a home”

We pride ourselves on providing a unique and impactful workshop for our clients. Here are some of the results our clients have experienced: 

Lower Sick Leave & Better Stress Management

Understand how to work smarter, not harder - achieve more by doing less! Improved employee happiness and engagement!

Increased Physical & Mental Wellbeing

You employees will have increased confidence and belief in themselves and what they can achieve!

Increased Productivity & Focus

Increased concentration, memory, focus, output, morale and creative thinking!

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To explore further please click the link below to download our brochure.

As the old saying goes, a business is only as strong as its people and we believe that our powerful need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one. Studies prove that ongoing professional development is the single most important factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Get in touch today!