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VIP PA Packages

As a Personal Assistant, my job is to help you slow down and be free to focus on the important things in your life. The value of outsourcing to me is the value that the extra time can free up to you. By being here you know what you want and know what your value is worth. Imagine what you could achieve if you were given back 40 hours of freedom each month? The value to you may be in spending that extra time with your children, family or time for yourself.  

Who do we suport?

Anyone who needs us! We serve stay at home parents up to high flying entrepreneurs. We offer a varied selection of services to cover all eventualities. If something is not on our list – just ask! 

We can.....

  • Deal with mail, bills and general personal admin
  • Make and cancel appointments
  • Run errands – post office, gift buying, gift wrapping, dry cleaners
  • Get your house ready for a sale viewing
  • Send flowers and thank-you notes
  • Create and maintain a filing system at home
  • Take notes or minutes
  • Assist on Social Media Channels 
  • Set up landing pages/sales funnels 
  • Add blogs to your website 
  • Send email campaigns 
  • Create digital documents 
  • Create simple Canva graphics, PDFs, workbooks etc 
  • Liaise with your clients on your behalf 
  • Accompany you to any events, retreats etc that you feel you need help with (expenses must be covered). 
  • Anything else we decide will help yourself or to make your business thrive!

What makes this vip?

  • You have priority access to me and my guaranteed support and time for a minimum of 40hours/month 
  • Whatsapp access 
  • Regular online calls to discuss your requirements  

The Experience

I pride myself on tailoring my packages for the individual clients, meaning that your service will not look like my other clients but it’ll be exactly right for you and what support you need. 

The Investment

40 Hours / Month Retainer Package



If you do not require a monthly package and you require a PA service project by project basis, our hourly rate is £20/hour.  

Next Steps

To explore whether this service is right for you please click the link below to book your free 30 minute discovery session to learn more about what we can do for you. Book your complimentary session with Hayley here:

Our PA services allow you to get on the path to the life you have been dreaming of. Are you ready?