Unlock Your Freedom

Unlock Your Freedom

An Online Declutter Your Home Course.

The proven 7-step formula to transform your home & life!

Hello. I am Hayley and I am here to tell you that it is going to be ok.

If you have tried all the latest home decluttering fads out there and none of them have worked, then I have good news for you!

You may feel overwhelmed right now but things can & WILL get better. It won’t be easy – our modern-day culture is set up to make us fail in decluttering our lives. We consistently get sent messages on how to live our lives – some contradictory. We are told to buy, buy, buy and accumulate more stuff, because we NEED it, it will show our love and it will make us happy. But on the other hand, you’re told that you should keep stuff FOREVER and not waste it – we must save the planet! 

Sound familiar? Then here is your good news....

I have a better way – and I want to share it with you. 

I have collected all my tips, how-tos and advice on how to declutter your home, in one place. 

I have created a brand new course, called…..

Unlock Your Freedom! 

This course is all about discovering that there’s FREEDOM when you let go of the things that are weighing you down – all you need is a FREEDOM map and a guide! 

And that’s where I come in! I will be your personal guide, hold your hand and we will take the steps together, one at a time. Unlock Your Freedom is a complete and thorough decluttering course to give you all the tools you’ll need to take your house and transform it from a cluttered and overwhelming space to a relaxed, welcoming and practical home! 

I created this online course for those of you who want to create massive positive change in your living environment and who may not be in a position to attend events or work with me in person, or would prefer to take on the task yourself in private, BUT you still want access to my support, teachings and techniques. It is an all-encompassing course in which I will teach you how to use tools and techniques for decluttering and letting go, so that you can put the heart back into your home in a practical, effortless and creative way.

Course Launch Date: 16th April 2018

How do i know if this is for me?

Are you:

  • tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of “stuff” in your home?
  • sick of spending so much of your time cleaning up instead of enjoying your life?
  • have you fallen out of love with your home?
  • are you finding it hard to let go of unwanted items?
  • ready to take charge of what fills your time and your space so you can begin living a simpler, more intentional life?
  • ready to give yourself more time, more space and more freedom to focus on what matters most to you?

If you said yes to these questions, then you’re in the right place! It’s time to take action!

Why Work With me?

I’ve been there – I understand… I’ve been on a journey to an uncluttered life for well over 3 years. 

I started decluttering my home after I relocated twice within 3 months…. nothing like two house moves in quick succession to make you realise you have too much ‘stuff’ in your life! I was sick of wasting so much of my time and energy picking up and managing our stuff. My toddler tornado would quickly undo any work I had done and unearth things I hadn’t seen in years!

Once I started decluttering, I quickly began to see the benefits of owning less. I had more time for my family and things I enjoyed and I felt so much less overwhelm. The magnitude of change was amazing! 

When I started decluttering, I didn’t have a clear focus or goal for my clutter-free home. I just dived straight in hitting many stumbling blocks on the way.   

That’s exactly why I created Unlock Your Freedom. I want to help you thoroughly declutter your home and reach your version of an ideal lifestyle as easily and efficiently as possible. 

What you will learn

The Unlock Your Freedom course is a proven 7-step process where you will learn how to:

  • FOCUS: Understand how clutter negatively impacts you on every level and discover the many little-known benefits of decluttering so you can feel motivated to change your life
  • RE-FRAME: understand what your ideal home looks and feels like through the creation of a vision board. 
  • ESTABLISH AN ACTION PLAN: create your personal action plan so you can avoid making mistakes and wasting your time and energy. Prepare for the process, make the right decisions and get things in order
  • ELIMINATE: How to declutter, keep yourself motivated and master the most common pitfalls with room by room breakdowns and checklists  
  • DESIGN: Define your physical space, lifestyle and individuality so you can so you can take the stress and confusion out of decluttering and put the heart back into your home
  • ORGANISE: the difference between organising and decluttering and how to organise appropriately
  • MAINTAIN: how to create lasting success and maintain your decluttered environment with ease.

How does it work?

The course will launch on April 16th and you will receive one module a week for 6 weeks

This unique online course includes:

  1. Comprehensive tutorials of me advising, guiding and supporting you through each step of the decluttering process
  2. PDF worksheets that you can download and complete to give you clarity and enhance your learning as you go through the course content

You watch the course tutorials and complete the worksheet exercises in your own time and at your own pace. You undertake the decluttering process in the privacy of your home in your own time, referencing the course material as required.

As you have the information for life, you can re-access any of the information again and again as your lifestyle, personal tastes, and other requirements inevitably change.

The possibilities are endless for what you could do once you are no longer weighed down by too much stuff. But first you need to declutter your home and your life to get there. Doing that is easier than you think! All you need to do is be willing to let go of the excess in your life. And have a plan to help you do so. 

Unlock Your Freedom will help you do just that. I will give you everything you’ll need to declutter your home and your life and begin experiencing the benefits of freedom and discover all the possibilities living with less can open up for you. 

More Time

More Space

More Freedom

Decluttering my home and my life, I’ve discovered the time, space and freedom embracing living with less gives you.


  • only having things you either use or love in your home. 

  • having room to breathe in your home, even in your life! 

  • how freeing it could be to have a tidy home that’s easy to keep that way simply because you have less stuff. 

  • what you could do with the time, space and energy you’ll gain when you get rid of the clutter and excess from your life.

  • having more time to be present with your family and the people that matter most to you. 

  • being able to play with your kids instead of just cleaning up after them. 

  • having more time, money and freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, like travelling more. 

But imagine not having any of this.... Can you take the risk of not taking any action? Don't let this happen to you.

The Investment

£99 one off payment

£79 early bird discount!

The best part is, for a limited time you can get Unlock Your Freedom for only £99. And because I want to reward people for taking action, you’ll save £20 when you enroll before midnight on 31st March 2018!

This course will eventually be sold at £149 but since it’s brand new and we’re building it as we go based on YOUR needs, I wanted to give you the benefit of special launch pricing. 

For the price of 1 in person session, Unlock Your Freedom will give you all the tools you need to completely declutter your entire house and radically change your life! 

If you’re ready to invest in your home and create a simpler, calmer and better life, this course is for you! 

Why You will love unlock your freedom

Completely self-paced 

Work through the course as quickly or as slowly as you need and want to. Make the course work for your schedule and your life. There are no deadlines to keep up with or pressure to finish the course in a certain amount of time. You’ll have lifetime access to all course materials as well as access to any updates or additions made to the course in the future! 

Downloadable workbook 

Get more out of the course with your downloadable workbook. Use it to complete your personalised decluttering plan. 

Practical, easy to follow lessons to help you take action 

I know life is busy, and I don’t want to waste any of your precious time. Each lesson is filled with practical, realistic, easy to follow, actionable advice to help you effectively declutter your home and decide what is adding value to your life and what is just adding clutter. 

money back guarantee

I know this course will help you declutter your home and start experiencing the time, space and freedom it will bring you. But I also want you to be confident in your decision to invest in your life, your home and your journey.    

That’s why I offer a 30-day hassle-free money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase of Unlock Your Freedom, simply email me at hayley@simplejoy.co.uk within 30 days of purchase and I’ll issue you a refund within 48 hours.    

I’m putting my trust in you, so you will feel confident putting your trust in me.  

Unlock Your Freedom is practical, actionable and ready for real life! This course doesn’t aim for a perfect house that feels more like a show home than a living space. It’s designed for real life!

the time is now

It’s decision time. You are at the crossroads.

Are you happy to continue down the rocky path you are on, where each day seems like you are chasing your tail and not able to relax? Or are you ready to declutter your home and your life and start living and enjoying your life? 

Join me as we experience the time, space, freedom and peace decluttering your home and your life will give you. 

Click the button below to buy Unlock Your Freedom now and take control of what is taking up your time and your space. There is a better way. Let me help get you there! Remember for a limited time only Unlock Your Freedom is on sale for just £79! The price will be going up soon, so enroll today. 

To access the course just click buy now

What will happen if you choose not to invest in this course? Take some time out, grab a journal and pen and imagine what life will be like if you don't take control of your situation.

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