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Welcome! Lets introduce myself....

I am Hayley Forster, a wife and a very proud mother to two young girls. I started Simple Joy because I am passionate in educating people about the way clutter can spoil the way we live our lives.

When I say clutter, your mind will more than likely go straight to the kids toys blocking your hallway right? Well that is part of it, but I am referring to all aspects of clutter – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. 

Not many of us understand the burden our clutter has on us. It causes stress, confusion and can stop us moving on with our lives and finding new passions. It affects every area of our life. There are so many of you out there who suffer from stress and constantly feeling overwhelmed and you need guidance. Slowing down and minimising has made such a positive impact on my family and I want to share it with you!

It’s not about being minimalist, unless that’s your style, it’s about cherishing your favourite things and creating a space and a life that you love. Watching the change in people as they realise that these simple changes in your life can allow you to regain control, is incredibly rewarding!

Simple Joy is a trustworthy and confidential service, share your vision and let's achieve it together!

What are we passionate about?

The constant focus on performance and improvement in our modern day society is detrimental to our mental health. We believe that we can all be more successful, more content and ultimately lead a happier life when we slow down and distill life down to our own personal values and prioritise these – over everything else!

Greg McKeown

"If it isn't a clear yes. Then it is a clear no”

Joshua Becker

"Lets be known for the lives we live. Not the things we buy”

The Minimalists

"Love people, use things. The opposite never works.”

What are our values?

We support you

We don’t waste your time

We believe in your dreams

We are open and honest

We are trustworthy

We encourage transformation

We inspire

We nuture our relationships

We do the right thing

We work to make a difference

We live our lives with no regrets

We find a way

We care

Our members range from stay at home mothers to fast climbing corporate gals. At Simple Joy, we believe that every woman has a right to find balance and live the life of their desires. We hope to be a place where each woman can thrive and feel inspired.

Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath and dive in!

I’ll see you inside.

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