How it works

Every package begins with our Unlock your FREEDOM formula which is an immersive, flexible framework that creates transformational results.

If you decide to progress after our initial consultation, we will schedule a time for me to come to your home or office for a 1 hour kick-start session. We will do a tour of your space (only share what you’re comfortable with). It’s important that you leave your space the way it currently is so that I see the way you deal with it on a daily basis.

  • Tour of home and/or target areas
  • Identify obstacles & challenges
  • Establish key goals to turn your confusion into clarity!

Once we review the work to be done and toured the targeted areas, you may feel overwhelmed. This is ok! It is normal and expected. Therefore, at the end of our kick off session we will do some mindset work to understand your motivations and what it means to eliminate from your life.

  • What is your ultimate vision, your ‘why’?
  • Why is less better for you & your family?
  • Vision board

An essential part of any design is proper planning! After our home consultation, I will research and turn your goals into a documented action plan that details full intentions & a schedule.

  • Share our insights so you can create an intentional space in every nook of your home.
  • Product list of any items that will bring your vision to life
  • We offer shopping, set up and installation of your new optimised systems, should they be desired.

We arrive with our action plan to begin your transformation by working one-on-one and sorting through and eliminating unnecessary items – we’ll guide you through the decision making process!

  • Learn how to process clutter
  • All necessary decluttering tools provided.

We will keep your preferences and lifestyle in mind throughout the whole process. We understand every client , home and project is unique and we will strive to ensure your design needs and expectations are adhered to, whilst bringing in an air of balance and calm into your space.

  • Targeted questions about your unique style
  • Creative solutions for your space that compliments your values and lifestyle.
  • Styling to feature items you love to create a true reflection of you!

Now that you have items eliminated and your personal style incorporated, lets make sure we put everything back in order!

  • Streamline and maximize your space with simple tools, products, systems and hacks.
  • Create a space that’s fluid, functional and easy to maintain!

At the end of our sessions we will discuss how to keep your new space in ship shape!

  • New habit identification and boundary setting
  • F.R.E.E.D.O.M Plan maintenance guide
  • Follow up phone/Skype consultation

Feel free to send me a message and we can catch up and discuss any questions you may have on the process – I will be happy to chat!

Or you can schedule a free consultation with me below.