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Get my Pin Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Email List and Sales!

If you’re anything like me, you regularly have these thoughts about marketing your business….

I am frustrated as I know I can make a big impact but no one is seeing my content!

I am tired of working out how to market my business online – nothing seems to work!

I am fed up of putting so much effort into Facebook and Instagram and getting very little in return – there must be a way!

Does this sound like you?

I used to hear people talking about how Pinterest has worked wonders for their business but I was so confused on how to use it for my online business.

I was a regular user of the platform for personal reasons but couldn’t seem to get my head around the business application of it. I started pinning but I wasn’t seeing results. I was really struggling on how I could capture the attention of my ideal client and get my products or services in front of them.

How were others able to do it and I wasn’t? I knew there was people out there making money but HOW??

Well….. I have good news for you!

I have worked it out and I want to share it with you!

I created this video course because I know what it feels like to be stuck in mud in your business. For two years I tried figuring out how to get people to my website and failed… until I started using Pinterest! At the time, I barely had any traffic and my list was tiny. I got intentional with my marketing, put a strategy in place and began experimenting and….

BOOM! I was able to grow my traffic from 500 visitors to over 30,000 visitors in just 2 months. 

I was finally getting the right people to my website! This resulted in more sales, collaborations and opportunities for my business! 

Do you feel?



Automate a system to continually drive your ideal client to your website and turn them into loyal paying customers?



Stop wasting your time trying to find your ideal clients online TODAY. I’m going to help you use Pinterest the RIGHT WAY by giving you my proven strategy.

Follow this video series, take action and watch your business explode!

pin for success
pin for success

Get my Pin Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Email List and Sales!

If you want to explode your traffic & start profiting today, then STOP what you’re doing right now and grab the Pin for Success Formula!

Client Testimonials

The results of her work are astonishing. A month on, Pinterest has marched out of nowhere to be the consistent referrer of over 50% of my website traffic. It’s targeting the audience I was hoping for, and I’m deeply impressed and very grateful.
My Pinterest has grown to hundreds of thousands of unique monthly viewers thanks to her work. Thank you Hayley! x
Hayley has been amazing!!! She has grown my pinterest so fast and I cannot thank her enough!

here are some client results!


The Pin for Success Formula is the step-by-step system YOU NEED to grow your traffic and audience for your blog. I am going to teach you my exact system to drive boatloads of traffic to your website, create content that converts, and turn those leads into a loyal fanbase!

What's included?

There are 3 core modules in this program that you will get lifetime access to. 

Here is the exact curriculum for that you can make sure this program is right for you.


  • Why Pinterest is the single most important tool for an online business and how to leverage its so you can increase your traffic, grow your list and turn that traffic into sales!
  • Deep dive into WHO you are trying to reach and HOW to stand out to them.
  • Learn the secret to capturing your ideal customers attention and turning them into paying customers
  • How to make the biggest impact with your time by revealing how you get found on Pinterest


  • How to create captivating images and content
  • How to navigate Pinterest like a pro
  • How to conquer the SmartFeed


  • How to effectively capture leads on your site.
  • Learn how to use Pinterest to exponentially grow your leads and turn them into loyal subscribers.
  • Streamline your systems to build leads and increase conversions while you sleep.
  • Easy to follow strategies for massive growth
pin for success

The Pin for Success Formula will give you the tools, education and resources you need to build a thriving online community, a loyal fanbase and ready to pay clients!  

Don’t forget about the BONUSES! Yes, they are FREE & included with the program!!

#1 Kickstart your Pinterest account to start driving traffic to your website FAST.

#2 How to explode your social reach via Pinterest.   

How much does it cost?


  • 3 core modules with lessons, PDF worksheets…..
  • Tech tutorials and trainings to walk you through step by step
  • Access to course bonuses
  • Lifetime access to the program + all future updates

ONLY £39!!!

Hey, I'm Hayley!

Over the past 2 years, I’ve helped bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow their business on autopilot with Pinterest, so that they can spend time doing the projects they enjoy most without worry.  After working with me, my clients have a complete strategy at work and can utilise my simple Pinterest marketing tips with ease. Why don’t you join us?


1. How much time will Pin for Success Formula really take? (I am a very busy person!)  

This course is self-paced and can be completed whenever it fits into your schedule. The videos themselves equate to x, but you have some thinking work to do. So its up to you! You can binge over a day or take your time over it. In total you will be looking at 2-3 hours.

2. How long will I have access to the content?  

When you join the program, you get it forever! You will get lifetime access to Pin for Success including all future updates.  

3. This investment feels like a lot right now. Is it really worth the price?  

Think about how much time and money you could be wasting by not investing in Pin for Success. After taking this course and implementing the strategies, you’re going to see your business begin to grow on autopilot. More traffic, more subscribers, more profit. Can you afford not to?