DIY Decluttering Packages

DIY Decluttering Package

For those of you who feel comfortable and confident to move ahead yourself we can provide personalised advice & a customised plan for completion in your own time.

Who is this package ideal for?

For those of you

  • that want to get organised on your own schedule
  • that are motivated and can commit to completing assigned tasks
  • that are seeking a personalised plan for organising your home
  • who have the time and energy to tackle your clutter and require accountability support
  • who live outside the UK and would like virtual support 

What is included?

  • 60-90 minute consultation (In-person or Skype)
  • A review of your strengths, challenges, priorities and goals.
  • A tour of your space where I will give immediate advice and suggestions for short & long term improvements.
  • After my assessment, I will then follow up with a comprehensive report recapping everything we discussed
  • Product recommendations
  • Customised step-by-step action plan 
  • Two follow up calls or emails


*Discounts available for multiple rooms

Payment plans available

Additional Extras

  • Whatsapp support for queries and advice
  • Keep or toss it sessions to support difficult decisions

Next Steps

To explore whether this service is right for you please click the link below to book your free 30 minute discovery session to learn more about what we can do for you. Book your complimentary session with Hayley here:

Our DIY service allows you to get expert advice before you start on your decluttering journey. Are you ready?