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Everything Not To Do When Getting Organized

Everything not to do when getting organized

Now that you have learned what makes good organization, it’s the right time for you to learn something about bad organization.

Do you know the qualities that unorganized people have? Do you think you may be unorganized? Then read on and let us know!

Being unorganized can be considered as a disorder, which is typically called chronically disorganized. This can affect your whole life excessively, especially if you have failed to seek guidance or support. Without that support you will never be able to get rid of it over time and ignoring the problem will just make the situation worse.

Unorganized individuals typically possess the following characteristics:

• Those who practice bad organization are actually very intelligent. Typically, they are blessed with special abilities. They can be somewhat complicated to distinguish because they are exceptional when it comes to hiding their problems. Chronic disorganization typically emerges later in their lives when their life become more complicated and demanding.

• Disorganized individuals are very creative and have a highly creative personality. They fail to spend their time wisely and constantly seem to be searching for better strategies that can lead to continuous change. They may also fail to follow the plans which they have prepared and set for themselves, as routines and order become dull or uninteresting to them.

• Individuals who practice bad organization are the ones who are typically dominated by their brains’ right side. These people are the dreamers, the artists or the musicians.

• People who are chronically disorganized are more likely to possess changeable interests. It is hard for them to stick to one task as they tend to get jaded easily. Hence, they proceed to another task for psychological stimulation and enthusiasm. This kind of attitude results to lack of dedication to schedule, structure as well as to organization.

• Those who practice bad organization tend to have an unhealthy emotional connection to objects. They usually give the utmost value to some materials and they become excessively emotionally attached to physical items. This leads to the inability to discard those items although they are not useful anymore, making it hard for them to get organized.

I have a lot of these characteristics which led to me storing so many items in my home and stacking my calendar full of things to do! It became so overwhelming to me. The only way I could get out of the cycle was to start working through things step by step and eliminating things from my life. You can read my story here.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If you have some of these qualities, it may signify that you need to work on being more organised in your life. Let us know in the comments below!

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