Good Organization Versus Bad Organization

good organization vs bad organization

good organization vs bad organization

There are several questions that may come up when we talk about organization.

One of the biggest questions is “what makes good organization?”.

Well, it has something to do with the qualities that you should possess to become an organized individual – these abilities will lead you towards practicing good organization on a daily basis!

8 Abilities of Organized Individuals

1. They consider things before they move forward. They think ahead and imagine what tasks they will need to do in particular to finish their chosen activity. They will then consider the right times to do these individual tasks and schedule them – they are intentional with their actions and their time.

2. They are good planners. Those people who practice good organization are fond of making a list for everything they need to do – whether it be paper or digital!

3. They use a calendar. Organized persons make use of a calendar so that they will never forget the upcoming appointments and tasks they have to attend or complete – again paper or digital – whichever suits you!

4. They choose the jobs they have to prioritize. They are aware that the most important tasks they have on their list, are those in which they have to focus their attention on first. This helps in avoiding stress, knowing that their deadlines can be met and that their will be no last minute rushing!

5. They hate clutter. Not being fond of the clutter goes a long way – it avoids mess not only in your home but also in your mind. You will find that organised people will not have an extensive to do list on a daily basis to avoid overwhelm and achieve focus. Listing too many things has the opposite effect.

6. They take breaks. Those people who follow good organization always allow themselves time to relax and enjoy! No point in being organised and wasting your down time is there?

7. Their life remains simple. Getting rid of the things that may control their lives and going back to the slower side of life are two of the most important things that organized people do. If they have too many meetings to attend in one day, they try to negotiate for some of these to be rescheduled. If they have lots of chores to be done, they look for the most convenient way to get them finished. They take control of their time and don’t let others dictate it for them.

8. They establish routines which becomes a practice. They perform regular daily habits that become a way of life, such as putting everything away once they’re finished with it and making the bed as soon as they get out of it. For organized individuals, a routine is a guide and they can change it to make this suitable for them if the need for modification arises.

All of these things will help you in becoming a better and organized person. If you lack good organization in your life then you must consider these things and reap the benefits that only proper organization can give! TAKE ACTION!

Simple Joy was founded by Hayley Forster, a Wellness & Lifestyle Coach. Hayley is an advocate of intentional living, with a passion in helping others simplify their lives in order to find their ideal lifestyle full of contentment, creativity and authenticity!

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