Simple Joy Round Up: Intentional Living

Let’s end this month with a bang of intent. What a perfect time for us to do a Round Up about Intentional Living! As always, we will give you the freshest and most interesting updates from all over the interweb. We are leaving nothing out, okay? Check out our blog posts to catch up: Journal[…]

intentional living podcasts

7 Best Intentional Living Podcasts

Who doesn’t love a good loop of podcasts for their commute, workout, cleaning or even when cooking? But often we find ourselves bored with our current collection and decide to start listening to some new ones – but which ones? I believe you are here because just like me, you get pumped up listening to[…]


5 Ways to be Intentional with your Time

Procrastination is the most common cause of failure. The clock is ticking but you are still stuck in a rut. The time you waste cannot be regained. How can you resolve this? Intentional-ism. Being intentional with your time means total commitment on accomplishing your tasks and focusing on them. If you’re fond of multi-tasking this[…]


6 Habits of Highly Intentional People

Being intentional with the way you live means that you are consciously living in every moment with focused determination in the now. Intentions direct us to the path we should go. It gives us a strong foundation of WHY. Always ask yourself the reason behind every task, anchor your mindset to it and visualise the[…]


Journal Ideas for Intentional Living

“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” Glenda Cloud Journaling increases focus and drives our intention towards the day. It encourages the nowness of us being present at all times, helps us to stay on track and let go of past and future anxieties. It can also be an outlet for our creative juices and our[…]

12 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs 2018

We have to learn new things to be inspired and be motivated to pursue the path we chose. To be successful our mind and heart should be in good shape and on a track to learn and observe how happy & successful people achieve what they do. So, with that in mind, who is not excited to read new blogs from a bunch of creative minimalist-living people?