Declutter Your Life

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of “stuff” in your home?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of things to do in your day?

Not feeling in control of your life?

Let me guide you on how to slow down and declutter your life!

We will.....

  • gain clarity on your personal values and what in your life is not aligned to these values
  • dig into all aspects of your life to understand what changes need to be made 
  • identify the key areas of your life that need alignment and put a plan in place 
  • focus on the essential core elements of time management, decluttering, organisation & productivity.

We’ll meet as and when you need to have an in person or virtual cup of tea (or something stronger) together while we dig deep into how we can start decluttering your life. 

In our intial session we’ll start the work immediately by going over your big challenges and key focus areas. We’ll start piecing together a plan for you to put in place. These sessions can be booked in a block or ad-hoc. 

How do i know if this is for me?

This programme could be right for you if you: 

  • Don’t feel in control of your life  

  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of “stuff” in your home

  • Sick of spending so much of your time cleaning up instead of enjoying your life

  • Finding it hard to let go of unwanted items

  • Feel overwhelmed by everyday stresses 

  • Have a to-do list as long as your arm and don’t not know where to start?

  • Tired of feeling like you don’t have time for yourself?

  • Are ready to give yourself more time, more space and more freedom to focus on what matters most to you?

If you can see that where you are right now is not where you want to be, then it’s time to take action to make a change!

Why Work With me

I’ve been there – I understand… 

With over thirteen years success in the corporate world whilst also managing a busy and demanding personal and family life, I know the pitfalls we all fall into and the actions needed to slow life down. I know what it’s like to feel constantly overwhelmed and not know what to tackle first. I have helped many people in your situation become calmer, more clear on their actions and able to enjoy day to day life again! 

I use my own tried and tested methods and will work with you to identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from living a more contented and balanced life. 

When you work with me, you embark on a journey to rebuild a life that brings you joy every day!

The Experience

Coaching sessions personally tailored for you and your needs 

  • 45-60 minute coaching sessions (individual sessions or block booking) 

  • Follow-up e-mails with notes, feedback and support 

  • Unlimited E-mail and messenger support between sessions (if block booking)

  • Any additional resources, worksheets, and materials that I believe will support you throughout your journey 

I pride myself on tailoring my packages for the individual clients, meaning that your journey will not look like my other clients but it’ll be exactly right for you. This means that your results will also be different but to give you an idea of all the amazing and empowering  things you can achieve when you choose to invest, here are some of the results my clients have experienced: 

Increased Contentment

Increased contentment and newfound motivation to actively simplify their day to day life!

Improved Flow

More ease, flow and happiness in life; both where they are right now and for where they’re going!

More Time & Space

More time & space for the things that they enjoy; family, hobbies, work, friends, and themselves!

The Investment

£57 per hour 

Discounts available for block bookings.

Committing to focus on the coaching process for a longer length of time will keep you motivated to move forward and embrace the positive changes you see in your life.  It will also give us time to uncover any hidden blocks or obstacles and work through them so they no longer hold you back.  

Next Steps

To explore whether this programme is right for you please click the link below to book your free 30 minute discovery session to learn more about the programme and how it could benefit you. 

Apply for your complimentary session with Hayley here:

Declutter Your Life is an investment into your future and your happiness.  It is the path to get your from where you are now to the calmer, less chaotic life you have been dreaming of. Are you ready to Declutter Your Life? 

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