What Do You Get By Being Organized?

Knowing how to be organized will bring many different benefits to your life. With effort and determination to succeed, you will be able to reap such advantages! Always keep in mind that organization is the key to becoming successful in life – so you really need to be highly motivated in learning how to become[…]

Everything not to do when getting organized

Everything Not To Do When Getting Organized

Now that you have learned what makes good organization, it’s the right time for you to learn something about bad organization. Do you know the qualities that unorganized people have? Do you think you may be unorganized? Then read on and let us know! Being unorganized can be considered as a disorder, which is typically[…]

how organization affects your life

How Organization Affects Your Life

Every person desires to practice a well-organized routine throughout their life. It is primarily because we know the possible benefits that we can get from doing it! Organization can hugely impact your life and it can lead you to such positive things. If you practice an organized life, then you will see that things around[…]

Simple Joy Round Up: Intentional Living

Let’s end this month with a bang of intent. What a perfect time for us to do a Round Up about Intentional Living! As always, we will give you the freshest and most interesting updates from all over the interweb. We are leaving nothing out, okay? Check out our blog posts to catch up: Journal[…]

intentional living podcasts

7 Best Intentional Living Podcasts

Who doesn’t love a good loop of podcasts for their commute, workout, cleaning or even when cooking? But often we find ourselves bored with our current collection and decide to start listening to some new ones – but which ones? I believe you are here because just like me, you get pumped up listening to[…]

stop buying

13 Things You Should Stop Buying

“The things you own, end up owning you.” – Tyler Durden Never a hoarder but a collector of sentiments. Having too much ‘stuff’ around the home can eat up most of your time organising and decluttering. BUT you can actually prevent too much clutter entering your home or your workspace if you just know how[…]

12 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs 2018

We have to learn new things to be inspired and be motivated to pursue the path we chose. To be successful our mind and heart should be in good shape and on a track to learn and observe how happy & successful people achieve what they do. So, with that in mind, who is not excited to read new blogs from a bunch of creative minimalist-living people?