How Can Minimalism Cure Anxiety?

Many believe that minimalism is only associated with deprivation, selling items and living bare minimum. Little do they know the beneficial impact on our mental health! Anxiety is unfortunately a serious and extremely common mental condition that many suffer with in their everyday life. It is mainly characterised as extreme worry and fear that frequently occurs[…]


Stress & Infertility – it’s a two-way thing!

Reducing stress is proven to increase your chances of conceiving. Read more for tips on how to do just that! With 1 in 6 couples struggling with infertility, it’s unfortunately a very common issue. We’re still fairly private about making babies so it’s not something we often talk about, but something we really should! Infertility[…]

20 One-Minute Tasks that Will Make You Instantly Happier

These short, one-minute tasks will make you immediately happier.  While some stresses may be big enough to warrant “sleeping on it,” we can always intentionally focus on making ourselves as happy as possible in the current moment. This guest post was written by Jessica Eichenlaub.  Jessica is a freelance writer, social media marketer, and confidence[…]